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What Current Client-Partners Are Saying

“The customized magazine program has been very good for Lloyd Sadd Insurance Brokers. It has helped to establish our brand in the Alberta Marketplace. We love the fact that we can publish our own magazine (something our competition cannot), do it easily and at no cost.”

Marshall - T. Marshall Sadd, President, Lloyd Sadd Insurance Brokers

“The Risk & Business Magazine program has been transformational to our business and our commercial sales efforts. By distributing our own magazine to potential clients, it has enabled our company to get a foot in the door of our prospects long before our sales people ever call on them.”

Luke - Luke Cain, Partner, Cain Insurance

“Risk & Business Magazine raises the bar on the image that we’re portraying in the market and helps to establish Benson Kearley IFG as an authority in the eyes of our new and existing commercial clients. I find the value of the magazine product itself to be exceptional, and the fact that we can sell a few ads to recover most of our investment makes the program extraordinary!”

Steven - Steven Kearley, President, Benson Kearley IFG

“We love working with you and your company!! You are all so quick and professional and the work that your graphic design team does is AWESOME!!! We’re so glad we made this leap!”

Amanda - Amanda Farrell Walsh, Partner, Miller Insurance

“When I think about all the marketing dollars I spend, this is probably the lowest out of all of them. My advice to agencies considering this program? You better take it and lock up your territory before someone else gets it!”

Jeff - Jeff Cooke, Partner, Cooke Insurance

“We distribute our magazines all over mainland B.C., and we’ve found that the ROI on our magazine program has surpassed both our own expectations as well as any other marketing program that we have ever done to grow our commercial insurance business.”

tim miller - Tim Miller, Partner, Capri Insurance

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