Relationships – That’s what business is all about. In searching for synergistic relationships, it is important to find a partner that provides value for your clients and complements your offerings. Carle Publishing is that partner. Our Customized Magazine Programs are designed for companies looking to control the ink in their industry and position themselves as leading authorities in their markets.

As part of our Referral Partner Program, we would like to work with you to build a mutually beneficial relationship that helps us both serve our customers and build our revenues while sharing in the profit coming from them.

Our Referral Partner Program is ideally suited for thought leaders, vendors and service providers to other businesses. By partnering with Carle Publishing, you can introduce to your audience and/or clients a truly unique branding opportunity that will enable them to dominate their market, while generating additional revenue with our revenue share program.

Our two products include;

  1. Customized Print Magazine Program. Designed for companies looking to position themselves as a leading authority with existing as well as potential clients. The program is extremely Easy, Economical (often at no cost) and Exclusive to the client.
  2. Digital Video/Magazine Program. A monthly Digital Video/Magazine Program that includes a monthly digital magazine with custom video embedded. The program is extremely easy and takes only 10 minutes per month to coordinate.

Benefits of Partnering with Carle Publishing

You never know when you can help an organization meet their needs. By partnering with Carle Publishing, you can introduce our customized publishing programs that will enhance your audience or clients’ credibility and market positioning. We can provide you with complete information packages for handout. All you have to do is introduce the concept and encourage your audience or clients to consider partnering with our unique solutions. Benefits include:

  • Partnering with a company whose values center on client satisfaction.
  • $200 Savings for YOUR Contact! With your referral, you can provide your audience or clients with a special incentive to save $200 off the One-Time Setup Fees for either program – This is an incentive for your clients as a benefit of being associated with you!
  • $500 Referral Fee Paid to You! Financially rewarding partnership. Each time a referral signs onto one or both the print and/or digital magazine program, you will earn $500 made payable to you directly or a charity that you support.

If you would like to become a Carle Publishing Referral Partner simply start referring our services and making email introductions. If you have any questions, please contact us for more information.