No Hidden Costs

Project Management

Let the Carle team be YOUR project manager. Your project manager will oversee every aspect of your magazine creation and logistics. They will be there to guide you through the process using weekly emails and communications throughout the production period.

Media Kit Production – Digital & Hard Copies

You will receive your customized media kit, in both digital format and hard copies. Most Client-Partners aim to cover the majority of their investment. However, you are free to sell your ad space for whatever price you choose. Carle Publishing will guide you through the process and provide you with the necessary tools to calculate these rates.

National Content Coordination

Leveraging our semi-customized program, we coordinate half of your content for you. This national content consists of top thought leaders in various subject matters and industries including renown authors and speakers. Not only is this no effort or time on your part, this variety of content cost you pennies!

Ghost Writing Services / Content Library

In an effort to keep workload to a minimum, Carle Publishing has a team of professional writers to create content for any given magazine. As part of the program, you have the option available to have one of our professional writers create customized content for you at no additional cost. Not sure on what to write about? Take a look at our content library that includes past issues articles.

Professional Proofreading

Each Client-Partners publication is carefully reviewed our professional proofreaders for grammar and spelling.

Graphic Design, Layout & Images

Our team handles all design work including layout, images, and graphic design. We are also available to assist your advertisers in any ad creation as needed!

Online Version For eReaders & iPads

Your publications will be converted to an interactive digital magazine, where readers can easily flip through and read the magazine online. By using this online interactive platform, this allows you to integrate your magazine on your website and social media pages. It’s also a great value add for your advertisers since pages within your magazine can be linked to certain URL’s, thus generating web traffic.

All Distribution Logistics

The following outlines everything that is included in the Distribution Logistics:

  • Distribution strategy collaboration
  • Purchasing of new targets lists annually
  • Inclusion of your current client list
  • Target list provided (in Excel format)
  • All magazine logistics – From printing press, to logistics handling, to the postal system & extra magazine copies shipped to your office
  • All postage costs, preparation, sorting & labeling